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There are no dates for Vago Foundation Coaching sessions in 2018, however, Open North 2018 and Vago Summer Camp are both running as normal specifically for Laser Vago sailors.

For additional training, why not join Wolfi, Steve and myself for the YDSC Saturday racing, as mentioned in the January Watersplash as follows:

Introducing Saturday racing – the Rising Racer Series - 2pm

Aim of Saturday Racing - to encourage as many inexperienced members into the art of racing without the worries and pressures of the Sunday start line. Although open to all, the intentions of this series is to act as an introductory platform for any club member who wants to enhance their racing skills. Therefore if any more advanced sailors wants to join in they are more than welcome as long as they are prepared to be supportive and even offer advice and guidance where appropriate.

Duty man will be set up so that a race officer is scheduled for the agreed dates. This duty although only counting as half a duty similar to a Wednesday evening will provide good practice for upcoming race officers.

Dates -
28th;    April
26th;    May.
17th ; 30th   June
7th ;  21st July.
1st;  15th  September.
13th   27th October - Rising Racers Regatta and Prize giving

All welcome I hope people enjoy it. Please feedback thoughts and suggestions to committee members so that this series can gradually develop.

Further information about these sessions will be displayed on the YDSC Website

Please contact me if you require additional private sessions.


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